With the growing demand in the global market for quality beef from pasture-raised animals, the prospects for Brazilian livestock are immense. Beef is a highly nutritious and healthy food, being one of the most important sources of minerals such as zinc, iron, selenium, essential amino acids, B-complex vitamins, and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) that are essential for nourishing humanity.

The supply of meat to the global market is narrowing down to a few countries. Studies by the FAO, a UN agency that monitors agriculture and livestock, indicate that by 2040, 60% of the meat marketed to supply the global market will be Brazilian. It's impossible to supply the world without considering Brazilian meat. This will require professionalism from Brazilian producers, and only with the use of practical and economically viable technologies will sustainable growth in Brazilian livestock be possible. These technologies involve proper nutrition, efficient sanitary control, and genetic improvement.

All animal husbandry starts with proper nutrition, and if there is no efficient and viable nutritional management, this activity cannot be sustainable. No system is more efficient than pasture-based cattle farming, with the necessary supplements to correct nutritional deficiencies that occur during each season of the year. Profitability in beef or dairy farming cannot be achieved without adopting simple and efficient technologies that promote herd efficiency and thus economic viability.

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