The Maximum Performance Program is a project for the development of Brazilian livestock, developed by the Animal Nutrition Technical Department of the Matsuda Group. The main objective is to improve the productive performance of rural properties, thereby increasing their profit margins, as it aims to work with the full potential of their animals.

Whether the property is focused on calf production, beef or milk production, whether it operates on pasture or in a confinement system, or even if it's a complete cycle property, the Maximum Performance program has a working model that aims, through correct mineral supplementation of the animals, to increase production rates.

The Maximum Performance project is directed at five activities:

+ Calves: Production of calves

+ Pasture Beef: Beef production on pasture

+ Confinement Beef: Beef production in confinement system

+ Pasture Milk: Milk production on pasture

+ Intensive Milk: Milk production in intensive confinement system

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