Protein-energy mineral supplement with additives, ready for use, containing ionophore and prebiotics, aiming at intestinal health, for nursing calves in a creep-feeding system.



Suckling Calves


Rainy and Dry


30 kg

Guaranteed Analysis

Calcium (maximum)

35 g/kg

Calcium (minimum)

20 g/kg

Phosphorus (minimum)

14 g/kg

Sodium (minimum)

7,400 mg/kg

Sulfur (minimum)

3,000 mg/kg

Magnesium (minimum)

2,000 mg/kg

Cobalt (minimum)

30 mg/kg

Copper (minimum)

330 mg/kg

Iodine (minimum)

20 mg/kg

Manganese (minimum)

360 mg/kg

Selenium (minimum)

6 mg/kg

Zinc (minimum)

1,000 mg/kg

Fluorine (maximum)

140 mg/kg

Crude Protein (minimum)

200 g/kg

Estimated T.D.N. (minimum)

640 g/kg

Beta-glucans (minimum)

7,000 mg/kg

Mannan oligosaccharides (minimum)

4,000 mg/kg

Narasin (minimum)

300 mg/kg

How to Use

It should be provided pure and ad libitum in appropriate troughs with at least 3 linear meters of length for every 20 heads.

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