Protein-energy mineral supplement with additives, ready for use, containing ionophore and prebiotics, aiming at intestinal health, for nursing calves in a creep-feeding system. It should be provided 30 days before the expected weaning date and continue for 30 days after weaning.



Suckling Calves


Rainy and Dry


30 kg

Guaranteed Analysis

Calcium (maximum)

35 g/kg

Calcium (minimum)

20 g/kg

Phosphorus (minimum)

14 g/kg

Sodium (minimum)

7,400 mg/kg

Sulfur (minimum)

3,000 mg/kg

Magnesium (minimum)

2,000 mg/kg

Cobalt (minimum)

30 mg/kg

Copper (minimum)

660 mg/kg

Iodine (minimum)

20 mg/kg

Manganese (minimum)

720 mg/kg

Selenium (minimum)

9 mg/kg

Zinc (minimum)

2,000 mg/kg

Fluorine (maximum)

140 mg/kg

Crude Protein (minimum)

200 g/kg

Estimated T.D.N. (minimum)

650 g/kg

Beta-glucans (minimum)

14 g/kg

Mannan oligosaccharides (minimum)

8,000 mg/kg

Narasin (minimum)

600 mg/kg

How to Use

It should be provided pure and ad libitum in appropriate troughs with at least 3 linear meters of length for every 20 heads.

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